Capacitive Multi Touch Lilliput 669 HB in Double DIN Frame

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New Lilliput 7" High Brightness HDMI Monitor 669GL-70NP/C-H  with CAPACITIVE Touch kit.
450 nit version. Installed in a Bybyte Double DIN Frame.
Latest model with LED back light.
 Also features the Auto Switch for reverse camera option.
Touch Displays, LLC spared no time or expense to bring the first 7" Capacitive Touch Monitors to you.
Now, after more research and development, we bring you the first fully integrated Capacitive Multi Touch Monitors.
When you buy your Capacitive Lilliput Monitor from us, you are buying from the original developer and integrator.
This guarantees that the monitor you receive is assembled properly, fully tested, and will arrive ready to use the moment you hook it up.
The Capacitive touch screen panel and controller have been integrated into the Bybyte Double DIN Frame. 

Very nice, high quality display. The touch screen is fantastic. Works with Windows 7 and 8 including touch gestures. This is a Projected Capacitive panel.
16 point Multi-Touch is supported.
Included is the monitor with Capacitive Touch Kit Installed in the DIN frame, and all of the original Lilliput Accessories.
No drivers are needed when usng this monitor on a Windows 7 or 8 PC.
Power is 12v DC
The LCD panel has not been modified yet the sunlight readability is greatly improved with just the Capacitve touch screen!
The pictures show two 669 monitors side by side for comparasion. The unit on the left has the Capacitive Touch kit installed. The unit on the right has the stock 5 wire Resistive panel.
Both units are 450 nit models, and both are set to the same Contrast and Brightness levels.
After viewing the photos, it is "clear" that the Capacitive Touch screen is superior.
Please ask any and all questions before purchasing.
5 day no DOA peroid and 1 year warranty applies.
Do to a large volume of orders, Please allow up to 5 Business Days before shipping.
Each unit is assembled and tested as they are purchased to ensure you receive the very latest stock.