7" PCT Touch Kit

Product Details:
Product Code: 73F22U4




7" Projected Capacitive USB Touch Screen Kit

Includes Touch Panel, Atmel USB Controller, mounting tape and USB Cable.


This panel kit is plug and play ready for Windows 7 and 8.

Pictures show how well the touch screen fits a typical 7" LCD panel and the fit of the touch controller on the back of the LCD for a HB Lilliput 669.

The touch panel measures 165 x 104mm

We also provide installation services for 7" monitors, and Bybyte Double DIN Frames.

Warranty is 1 year parts only. No warranty against physical damage, abuse, mis-use or cracks.

No returns for refunds accepted.

Each unit is fully tested before shipping.

Please note: there are several steps involved with installing this panel properly.

A basic set of instructions including photos will be emailed upon request.

However, NO Tech Support will be provided beyond basic setup. If you can't install this on your own, please consider sending your monitor in for the work.

Please ask any and all questions BEFORE buying a kit.

NOTE: IF you plan to install this into a 669 monitor, the housing will not reassemble properly. The added thickness of the touch controller does not allow the housing halves to seat.

We did manage to trim the housing (inside) using a Dremel tool, but there was a lot of material removed. Areas of the back shell became very thin and brittle. We do not recommend this product if you require the monitor to remain fully housed.

Volume Order Inquiries Welcome!